Bald Is Beautiful!

Periodically, the H*O*P*E* Blog will highlight a cancer survivor that makes a difference. Sharon Blynn is a prime example. In October 2000, Sharon Blynn was visiting her family in Miami when she discovered that her stomach pains were not caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Rather, the pain was caused by a rare, non-invasive form of ovarian cancer. Local doctors informed her that she would need surgery and chemotherapy.Rather than return to her home in New York, Sharon decided to seek treatment in Miami with the support of her family — the anticipated short family visit turned into a three year journey.

During her chemotherapy treatments, Sharon, who was in her 20s, recalls being the youngest ovarian cancer patient in the room. She also remembers her twin sister sleeping in the chair beside her bed and the women with cancer who would not look at themselves in the mirror because of surgery or hair loss.

Sharon was inspired by her experience and the people she met throughout her journey to start a website,, which is all about helping women living with cancer feel beautiful — she’s been shaving her head ever since. “Through my Bald Is Beautiful work,” she says, “I have found a new focus and purpose – a new level of joy.”

Sharon credits cancer with giving her a deeper sense of who she is and the importance of a healthy mind-body-spirit lifestyle. The disease also intensified her desire to share that message with people. “Cancer brought me closer to feeling alive in every part of my life, from how I feel about myself, to how I feel about my relationships with my family and friends, and my relationship with the whole world around me.” Source: [Bristol-Myers Squib website].

I encourage you to visit Sharon’s website and view her YouTube video — by doing so, you will truly discover her honesty, talent, and resilient human spirit.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
–Mary Anne Radmacher

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