Is It Possible to Have Ovarian Cancer at a Young Age?

The ovarian cancer survivor highlighted this week is Maddie Kullen. Mattie is different from virtually all other ovarian cancer survivors because she was diagnosed with the disease when she was 6 years old. Upon diagnosis, Maddie had a 6-inch tumor removed at Children’s Hospital Boston, followed by 16 weeks of chemotherapy. Maddie’s treatments are now over and she is cancer-free.

If you think a 6 year old cannot make a difference in the fight against ovarian cancer, you are absolutely wrong. Maddie is a spokesperson for Ovations for the Cure and participated in that group’s ovarian cancer awareness public service announcement. Maddie was also part of the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Her best idea was the creation of a program at Children’s Hospital Boston that provides young cancer patients with an ice cream break each week. This program is called “Sundaes on Saturday,” and it is supported by monies raised through Kullen family fundraisers. Please take time to watch Maddie’s ovarian cancer awareness public announcement below and visit Ovations for the Cure if you are interested in finding out more about the mission of that group.

When asked by a WBZTV Boston journalist to comment on her appearance in the Ovations for the Cure ovarian cancer awareness spot, Maddie simply responded, “Cool! And then once I saw the commercial I went back to watching kid shows.”

Comment: Although Maddie’s ovarian cancer diagnosis represents an extremely rare case, it is important to note that ovarian cancer does not discriminate when it comes to age, race or financial status. For more information regarding the early warning signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, visit the H*O*P*E* blog page entitled, “Warning Signs and Symptoms.”

Maddie Kullen in Ovations For the Cure Ovarian Cancer Public Service Announcement

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