Distinguised Designer Takes a Stand With Ovations For The Cure For Women’s National Health Week

“Natick, Mass. May 6, 2008 – Ovations for the Cure has partnered with Carmen Marc Valvo to raise funds for ovarian cancer research through a sneak peek of the distinguished designer’s Fall 2008 Collection on May 9, 2008 at Natick Collection in Natick, Massachusetts.

The Sisterhood: Taking a Stand with Style Fashion Show & Luncheon leads directly into Women’s National Health Week (May 11-17), featuring 20 models and 50 designs on a squared-off U shaped runway at the largest retail mall in New England. Carmen Marc Valvo, whose fashion designs have graced celebrities such as Beyoncé, Lucy Liu, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Cattrall, Queen Latifah, Radha Mitchell, Vanessa Williams, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Goldie Hawn and Kate Winslet, discovered he had colon cancer in the fall of 2003. Mr Valvo’s early diagnosis helped saved his life. Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer is difficult as currently there is no accurate screening test for the ‘silent killer,’ which is the deadliest women’s gynecological cancer with mortality rates approaching 70 percent if not caught in the early stages. ‘The early detection of cancer is just as important as finding a cure,’ said Carmen Marc Valvo. ‘I’m proud to partner with Ovations for the Cure’s efforts to educate women about the early symptoms of ovarian cancer, while funding valuable research initiatives.’ The luncheon event will feature a special appearance by Carmen Marc Valvo and be hosted by Joyce Kulhawik, a two-time ovarian cancer survivor and former arts and entertainment reporter for Boston’s WBZ-TV.

‘We are excited to start Women’s National Health Week with a unique event featuring one of the most respected designers of the red carpet,’ said Debbie Soprano, executive director at Ovations for the Cure. ‘The research that we are able to fund through events such as this will help lead to an accurate screening test for ovarian cancer, increasing the likelihood of early detection and saving women’s lives.’ The Sisterhood: Taking a Stand with Style Fashion Show & Luncheon is Ovations for the Cure’s first event featuring Carmen Marc Valvo and his Collections


Pre-Event & Event Interviews Available:

Carmen Marc Valvo – Celebrity designer and colon cancer survivor

– Patricia Franchi Flaherty – Founder/President of Ovations for the Cure and two-time ovarian cancer survivor

Ursula Matulonis, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

– Debbie Soprano, Executive Director of Ovations for the Cure


About Ovations for the Cure

The Ovations for the Cure Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of a cure for ovarian cancer in two critical ways: first by proliferating broad-spectrum awareness of ovarian cancer risk factors and its subtle warning signs; and second, through the continued support of new and ongoing ovarian cancer research and treatment initiatives.”

[Quoted Source: “Distinguised Designer Takes a Stand With Ovations For The Cure For Women’s National Health Week,” ClutchMedia News Release, May 6, 2008.]

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