How Genomic Medicine Is Changing the Management of Breast & Ovarian Cancer — Live Webcast on May 21st

“Helix Health, the first U.S. stand-alone genomic medicine practice, is hosting a 90-minute webcast this Wednesday, May 21, 2008 from 1:00-2:30 PM EDT examining: How Genomic Medicine Is Changing the Management of Breast & Ovarian Cancer.

Every hour, 150 people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer. There is a growing number of people who are not willing to wait for that diagnosis. They are undergoing genetic testing to discover, and to know what they must do to manage these risks… personalized medicine for effective heath care management.


What should a doctor and patient do when a patient tests positive?

What is the risk in taking a “wait and see” approach?

Are there alternatives to radical surgery?

What are potential tort issues in predictive genetic testing and medical
uses of genetic tests?

Steven A.R. Murphy, MD – Clinical Genetics Fellow at Yale School of Medicine, and Helix Health’s Managing Partner will moderate the panel.

Barbara A. Ward, MD – Director, The Breast Center of Greenwich Hospital; principal investigator of the STAR Trial; surgical oncologist affiliated with Yale-New Haven Health System.

Jessica Queller – author of Pretty Is What Changes; television writer for Felicity, The Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. Writer/producer on Gossip Girl.

Jennifer Ibrahim, MD – clinical geneticist specializing in preconception genetics as well as familial cancer syndromes.

David Ewing Duncan – bestselling author of Masterminds: Genius, DNA and the Quest to Rewrite Life; Director, Center for Life Sciences Policy, UC Berkeley; Chief Correspondent and co-host of National Public Radio’s “Biotech Nation“.

Gary E. Marchant, Ph.D. J.D., Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law & Ethics, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Executive Director, Center for Law, Science & Technology, Professor, School of Life Sciences Arizona State University.

Registration is limited, so please register soon. If you are unable to attend, a podcast of the session will soon be available on the Helix Health website.

About Helix Health, PLLC/LLC – a medical practice that is bringing genomic medicine to health care. With offices in Greenwich, CT and New York, NY, Helix Health offers patients and their physicians expertise in genomic medicine and provides the tools required to take full advantage of genetic testing.

Contact for more information, or visit

Click Here To Register For the Helix Health Live Webcast

[Quoted Source: “Join NPR’s David Ewing Duncan, Author Jessica Queller and a Panel of Medical and Legal Experts in a 90-Minute Webcast on Genetic Testing, Genomic Medicine and Breast & Ovarian Cancer,” The Earth Times Press Release dated May 19, 2008.]

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