Survivorship A to Z: Practical Comprehensive Information For Living Successfully After a Cancer Diagnosis

On June 9, 2008, Survivorship A to Z, a new on-line resource for cancer survivors, was officially launched. The mission of Survivorship A to Z is to provide the practical information that you need to thrive in the “new normal” that exists after a life-changing cancer diagnosis. This on-line resource was founded by David S. Landay, who a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard Law School.

Survivorship A to Z is a nonprofit corporation that provides comprehensive resources for cancer survivors including those listed below.

  • Get the practical information you need for all parts of your life impacted by your diagnosis in whatever depth you want – including downloadable forms.
  • Personalize information to your disease, stage, social and economic situation with a free, one-of-a-kind Individual Action Plan. Your plan is computer-generated. It changes as your health, economic or personal situation changes.
  • Start your own personal Symptoms Diary to keep track of your symptoms. With a touch of a button, you receive an instantly readable graph to show your doctor.
  • Use interactive charts to help maximize your financial situation. Health expenses account for over 50% of bankruptcies – including people with insurance.
  • Share information or concerns on the community Message Boards. Message boards are an invaluable source of shared information and support. Message boards are divided by categories such as Insurance, Finances and Employment (with separate boards for business owners, self-employed people and employees).

If you would like to watch the Good Morning America segment highlighting Survivorship A to Z that aired on June 11, 2008, click here. If you want review a list of topics covered by Survivorship A to Z, click here.

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