Libby’s H*O*P*E*™ Proudly Announces A Strategic Partnership With Women’s Oncology Research & Dialogue

It is our privilege and honor to announce a strategic partnership between Libby’s H*O*P*E*™ and Women’s Oncology Research & Dialogue.

It is our privilege and honor to announce a strategic partnership between Libby’s H*O*P*E*™ (LH) and Women’s Oncology Research & Dialogue (WORD). WORD’s overarching mission is to raise gynecologic cancer awareness and fund related scientific research.

The genesis of this partnership began approximately one year ago, when LH was contacted by Nathan Manahan, WORD’s Executive Director. WORD had performed extensive social media due diligence and determined that LH was a premier source of online ovarian cancer information.  As the LH Founder, I agreed to meet Nate and Chad Braham (WORD’s Director of Media Productions) in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of both organizations working together.

I felt an immediate connection with Nate and Chad, especially after we discussed the personal reasons underlying our passion for cancer advocacy.  Nate explained that his mother was a breast cancer survivor, who battled the disease successfully due to vigilance, which caught her aggressive cancer at an early stage. It also happens that Nate’s sister is Dr. Kelly J. Manahan, WORD’s Founder and President. Chad discussed how he lost his father to cancer when he was 8 years old, along with the fact that his stepfather is a prostate cancer survivor, and his mother-in-law is a uterine cancer survivor (who was successfully treated by Dr. Manahan).

By the end of that initial meeting, we believed that a strategic partnership between both organizations would be highly synergistic. Although WORD advocates on behalf of women with all gynecologic cancers, it has designated LH as its “go-to” source for detailed ovarian cancer information. In turn, LH obtains a greater audience for its ovarian cancer advocacy by communicating to women interested in learning more about all gynecologic cancers through the new WORD website.

As a kickoff to our partnership, WORD created nine short videos about the genesis of LH, its mission, the credibility & understandability of the LH website, the early warning signs of ovarian cancer, LH assistance to ovarian cancer survivors, survivor success stories, the fast pace of medical research, and a brief discussion of the LH/WORD partnership. The LH/WORD partnership video is provided below. We will post the remaining eight videos over the next two weeks.

In the near future, we anticipate the creation and distribution of an ongoing video podcast series known as WORD of HOPE, which will address important ovarian cancer topics in an easily understandable format.

We are quite excited about the opportunities presented by this partnership, and hope to build upon the LH/WORD alliance for many years to come.

“The challenge of every team is to build a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another because the question is usually not how well each person performs, but how well they work together.”

— Vince Lombardi (1913 – 1970), former Head Coach of the National Football League (NFL) Green Bay Packers & Winner of 5 NFL Championships, including Super Bowls I & II.

The Genesis of WORD

Drs. Kelly J. Manahan & John P. Geisler, Co-Founders, Women's Oncology Research & Dialogue (WORD)

Several years ago, as a gynecologic oncologist in training, Dr. Manahan learned first-hand that cancer is a formidable foe. This experience compelled her to take greater action.  In Fall 2005, Dr. Manahan established WORD, along with her husband Dr. John P. Geisler.  Currently, Dr. Manahan is the Interim Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toledo Medical Center (UTMC), while Dr. Geisler is Director of  Gynecologic Oncology and Chief of Clinical Service Obstetrics & Gynecology at UTMC.  Dr. Geisler is also the Chairman of the WORD medical advisory panel.  Drs. Manahan and Geisler are both gynecologic oncologists, and are cited as authors in approximately 85 published medical articles relating to a wide array of gynecologic oncology topics.  Such topics include cutting-edge surgical techniques and novel gynecological cancer treatments.

WORD was founded with the mission of spreading global gynecological cancer awareness.  WORD exists to educate; to inform, to bring awareness, to teach prevention, and assist women who have been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer. The passion of the WORD team is to provide women and their families with relevant, detailed, and up-to-date information that can save lives. In sum, WORD was formed to help win the fight against gynecologic cancers.

Past and present WORD research projects and initiatives include:

  • a study of hydralazine and megestrol acetate to treat advanced, chemoresistant cancers of the ovary, peritoneum, uterus, fallopian tube, cervix, and vulva;
  • a tissue bank of clinically annotated tissue specimens from patients with gynecologic cancers.

“We are a husband and wife team who have both been helping women battle gynecologic cancers for over two decades,” said Dr. Manahan. “Our passion is helping women have complete understanding when facing the battle of their cancer. We also want women to be empowered to make lifestyle and health decisions that can work to prevent cancer.”

“Our goal is to assure that all women are more aware of these diseases and to find a way to increase prevention, early detection, and optimal treatment,” said Dr. Geisler. “Awareness will lead to more research dollars. More research will hopefully lead to finding the detailed factors that influence the growth of these diseases. We ultimately want a cure. is the integral foundation to many of these dreams.”

“I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.”

— Mia Hamm, who is widely recognized as the world’s best all-around women’s soccer player (2 Olympic Gold Medals & 2 World Championships).

WORD’s New Website Launch

The average woman in the United States has a 1-in-12 risk factor of developing a gynecologic cancer in her lifetime. On November 9, 2010, WORD launched their new website at WORD’s new website will inform women about preventions, signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of all gynecologic cancers. WORD’s website will inspire women to take actions that can, and will, save their lives, and was designed to expand and grow as new data and relevant information become available.

Today, most people do their research online. Accordingly, was designed to achieve the overarching goals listed below.

  • Provide the best gynecologic cancer web video content, including survivor stories, expert advice provided by various medical professionals, and stories from families who have lost loved ones.
  • Guarantee current information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers, which is created in a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Create pathways to dialogue among women and their physicians, so every woman is empowered to make an informed decision about her health care.
  • Utilize the most effective and relevant multimedia tools to accomplish our organizational mission.
  • Connect and create partnerships with grassroots groups throughout the United States, empowering them to create local efforts to conquer gynecologic cancers.

A few of the key highlights of the new site are listed below.

  • Animation – WORD sanctioned the creation of a 4-minute animated short story entitled, WORD on HPV (watch video below).
  • Formal launch of the Let’s Talk Video SeriesLet’s Talk is a personal history campaign aimed at archiving the stories of women who have battled gynecologic cancer. WORD has collected and edited many of these stories and the collection is available on WORD’s YouTube™ channel and throughout the copy on the website.

  • New Expert WORDS of Wisdom Video Series – WORD will work to create video vignettes to help women better understand gynecologic cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. These videos will provide a complimentary explanation to web content and are also housed on WORD’s YouTube™ channel.

  • Targeted Campaign for 18-24 year old women regarding cervical cancer/human papillomavirus (HPV) – WORD is utilizing recently conducted research to create a personalized campaign for 18-24 year old young women to get the HPV vaccine and begin proper cancer prevention.
  • WORD Blog, FacebookTwitter – For readers “on-the-go,” make sure that you monitor significant WORD news and updates through its blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. — Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company

WORD Initiates a “Dialogue” During Cervical Health Awarenss Month.

“Those of us who work and volunteer with WORD know that the dialogue we create will often be controversial. The conversations we hope to create are critical, personal and sometimes intimidating. We are dealing with topics that have real and severe consequences. Often what we say may not be received well; our goal is not acceptance but dialogue. We want women to rise up and become advocates for their own health care. We want women to ask questions, the hard questions, to make sure they make the best informed decisions about their health. We want women to be respectful – staying true to their own convictions, but standing united through dialogue in one common purpose – ‘We must conquer cancer!'”

— Nathan Manahan, WORD Executive Director

This year, Over 11,000 American women will learn that they have cervical cancer, and nearly 4,000 will die from the disease. Tens of thousands more women will have precancerous cells treated.  January is designated as Cervical Health Awareness Month, which is intended to aid in the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer.  This month, WORD is committed to raising awareness of this preventable, detectable and treatable disease among all women in the United States.

One of the most controversial and uncomfortable subjects that WORD seeks to start dialogue on is the cause of cervical cancer, namely HPV.  HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that causes cervical cancer among other cancers and health problems.  In 2010, WORD set out to create an effective HPV and cervical cancer women’s health education campaign. In short, WORD wants to make sure that women of all ages can make informed health decisions about the HPV vaccine, annual gynecological exams, Pap tests and the HPV test. Through a series of excellent partners including Purdue University, David Bossert of Madison Beach Productions, Duck Studios and Publicis Group, WORD was able to create a comprehensive health education program.

In 2011, WORD is working toward an extremely ambitious but necessary goal: distribution of life-saving HPV/cervical information to 30 cities located in 15 states. “This campaign is the first of many campaigns to be created by the WORD team,” said Nate Manahan. “WORD hopes to partner with many individuals and organizations to see these new resources used in communities throughout the United States and ultimately the world.”

WORD encourages individuals and organizations to see how they might utilize the WORD on HPV campaign resources throughout the next year. This campaign includes an original four minute animated short story (view below), posters, brochures, magnets, rack cards, 30 and 60 second radio spots, 15 and 30 second television spots, and informative survivor and expert videos. In addition, WORD is participating in the Cervical Cancer Free America initiative (CCFA), which is is a multi-year, multi-state project aimed at preventing the disease through vaccination against HPV and effective screening for early signs of cervical cancer. WORD is proud to announce that the Cervical Cancer Free Indiana initiative is utilizing many of the WORD on HPV resources in 2011, through a collaboration with the Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation.

“WORD on HPV” Animated Short Story

Regular administration of Pap tests is the best means of detecting cervical cancer at an early stage. The addition of the HPV test further advances our ability to detect cervical cancer early. Furthermore, HPV vaccines have the potential to protect women from the disease, by targeting cancer-causing types of the HPV. “With the advancement of the HPV vaccine in women’s health and in cancer prevention, we may have the first opportunity to literally eradicate cervical cancer,” said Dr. Geisler. “We are all hopeful that between the vaccines, Pap tests and the HPV test, we will see the eradication of cervical cancer around the world in our lifetime.”

In further support of WORD’s overarching vision, Dr. Sharmila Makhija, Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Emory University said:

“WORD’s vision to offer resources and education to women of all ages to promote dialogue on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers (cervical, uterine and ovarian) is important and something I wholeheartedly support and encourage all individuals and organizations to support.”

About Women’s Oncology Research & Dialogue

WORD is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women conquer gynecologic cancers through coordinating innovative scientific and clinical research, which results in empowering educational resources for women’s organizations and medical personnel regarding proper prevention, diagnosis and treatment. They need your support to help spread awareness and raise money to help conquer gynecologic cancer.

More information can be found online at, including WORD’s informative brochures regarding (i) gynecologic cancer, (ii) ovarian cancer, (iii) cervical cancer, and (iv) uterine cancer.

If you are interested in making a donation to WORD, please go to


4 thoughts on “Libby’s H*O*P*E*™ Proudly Announces A Strategic Partnership With Women’s Oncology Research & Dialogue

    • Dear Dee,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. We hope to bring further ovarian cancer awareness to women who support gynecological cancer awareness. As you know, there is no such thing as too much awareness.

      For our readers, I encourage you to check out Dee’s ovarian cancer website entitled, Women of Teal. Dee is an inspirational 5-year, stage III ovarian cancer survivor and advocate. She is involved with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Northern NJ National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Kaleidoscope of Hope, the Cancer Hope Network and the Wellness Community Central NJ. Also, she is a member of the workgroup for the Gynecologic Cancer chapter of the NJ Cancer Control Plan. Dee has written extensively over the past few years about her difficult and uplifting experiences related to ovarian cancer.

      Take care Dee and please stop by again. Love your website!

      Best wishes,



  1. Paul,
    Thank you for this very thorough and kind post. We (The WORD team) are very excited to launch the WORD of HOPE podcast series soon and to find new and creative ways to spread the message of Libby’s H*O*P*E*™. We believe that your passionate research, compassion, understanding and commitment will make this podcast one of the key video and audio resources about ovarian cancer. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Thanks for all that you have done to help women persevere through education and hope. We are so thankful to be able to call you a partner and friend of WORD.


    Nate – on behalf of the whole WORD team.


    • Nate,

      The pleasure is entirely ours. We have truly enjoyed working with WORD over the past year, and know that WORD will be recognized as a preeminent gynecological cancer awareness leader in short order. The cervical cancer awareness resources that you have created are world-class, and undoubtedly, those materials will save the lives of countless women for years to come. The “WORD on HPV” animation is a “must see” for women of all ages. It is our greatest hope that governmental and charitable cancer organizations around the world use the 4-minute video short as a catalyst to eradicate cervical cancer.

      We too are thankful to be able to call you a partner and friend of Libby’s H*O*P*E*.

      All the best,



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