Libby’s H*O*P*E* is dedicated to the ultimate achievement of five “Ovarian Cancer Grand Challenges.”

Challenge #1: Advocacy Leadership — To become the preeminent online resource for comprehensive, readily understandable ovarian cancer and cancer-related information. [“to achieve the quest, be the best”]

Challenge #2: Personalized Outreach Support — To provide personalized online educational outreach support to ovarian cancer survivors through the website and other ovarian cancer online communities [“helping survivors, one woman at a time”].

Challenge #3: Virtual & Real World Public Awareness — To disseminate educational information relating to ovarian cancer awareness, with emphasis on the early warning signs of the disease, screening and treatment advances, clinical trials, patient self-advocacy, and stories of hope through (1) available online social networks, (2) video documentaries, (3) published written materials, (4) grass roots community events, (5) speaking engagements, and (6) patient advocate cancer conference presentations [“education enhances survival”].

Challenge #4: Advocacy Through Synergistic Partnership — To expand its public audience within and without the U.S. by leveraging (vertical) partnerships with national gynecologic cancer nonprofit organizations and current or future ovarian cancer nonprofit organizations dedicated to a specific ovarian cancer histological subgroup. [“maximize the audience, maximize the message”].

Challenge #5: Translational (“Bench-to-Bedside”) Research — To fund ovarian cancer research (with emphasis on clear cell histology whenever possible) through an efficient and effective horizontally integrated, translational medical research structure involving (1) ovarian cancer research centers of excellence, (2) elite medical and technical colleges and universities, and (3) biomedical and/or pharmaceutical companies. [“today’s research, tomorrow’s cures”].


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