A Wish To Build A Dream On*

Karen Marquadt is an ovarian cancer survivor. On April 13, 2009, Karen’s oncologist informed her that she had only three weeks to live.  Throughout her life, Karen had one dream:  To attend a legendary Bruce Springsteen live concert and actually meet “The Boss.” …The Dream Foundation is the first and largest national nonprofit wish-granting organization for adults with life-limiting illness.  The Dream Foundation arranged for Karen and her three friends to attend Springsteen’s live Los Angeles performance on Thursday, April 16.  What Karen did not not know was that the Dream Foundation also arranged for her to meet Springsteen in person prior to the concert. …On April 9, 2009, NBC’s TODAY Show featured the incredible story of Jill and her only daughter Caitlin, and their journey together down the church isle as part of Caitlin’s wedding ceremony.  Jill is not an ordinary mother of the bride; she is an ovarian cancer suvivor who was diagnosed with the disease in 2007. …Because of the charitable actions of the The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s (MSKCC) “Dream Team,” Jill was able to see her daughter Caitlin get married. …

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Oscar Winner Kathy Bates Is an Inspirational Ovarian Cancer Survivor

When you think of Kathy Bates, you recall immediately her portrayal of “Annie Wilkes” in the movie Misery.  In Misery, Kathy Bates, as Annie, holds her favorite author (played by James Caan) hostage.   The role of Annie Wilkes earned Kathy Bates an Oscar for “Best Actress.” Her role as the legendary “Unsinkable Molly Brown” in the movie Titanic is also unforgettable.  More recently, she re-teamed with her Titanic co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the movie Revolutionary Road, which is based upon Richard Yates‘ critically acclaimed novel by the same name.  Throughout her lengendary career, Kathy Bates has been a talented actress, television director, singer, producer, and composer.  Kathy can now add ovarian cancer spokesperson and advocate to her ongoing list of talented roles.

Bates appeared on the TODAY show on January 9th, 2009, to discuss her role in the film Revolutionary Road and her experience with ovarian cancer. The Kathy Bates interview video is provided below through a hyperlink.

Kathy Bates Interview on the NBC TODAY show

In September 2008, and for the first time publicly, Kathy Bates shared the story of her personal fight with ovarian cancer with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) .  With respect to her OCNA interview, Bates said: “As an ovarian cancer survivor, I have decided to join forces with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance by sharing my story and helping educate women about one of the deadliest cancers affecting women today.”  The interview was very personal and in-depth,  and Bates shared insights about how she was diagnosed with the disease.  The video of the Kathy Bates interview with OCNA is provided below.

Kathy Bates Interview with OCNA

As an ovarian cancer advocate, Ms. Bates also filmed a 30-second TV Public Service Announcement (PSA) about ovarian cancer and its symptoms.  Bates’ ovarian cancer PSA was launched in New York City taxi cabs during September 2008, National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, and continues to run on TV networks nationwide.  In response to Kathy Bates’ willingness to speak out about ovarian cancer, Karen Orloff Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer of OCNA, said: “OCNA recognizes the personal strength it took Kathy to talk publicly about her run-in with cancer.  We appreciate her willingness to share her story and be an advocate for the organization in its mission to educate women across the country about ovarian cancer.”  The ovarian cancer PSA video featuring Kathy Bates is provided below.

Kathy Bates Ovarian Cancer PSA

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