Understanding Cancer: A TV News Magazine

Yesterday, we came across an informative online cancer TV news magazine entitled “Understanding Cancer.” Based upon its mission statement, the Understanding Cancer website provides:

  • Empowerment through reliable, understandable information about cancer and its treatment;
  • Inspiration through the stories of cancer survivors and their cancer journeys;
  • Information about community oncology practitioners who are dedicated to outstanding patient care;
  • Stress relief through a “Meditation Room;”
  • Tips for managing symptoms;
  • Tools for living life to its fullest;
  • Compassion and understanding;
  • Relaxation through its “Mindless Distractions” which include online games, and crafts;
  • And most of all…Hope!

If you would like to learn more about Understanding Cancer TV, click here to watch the Understanding Cancer Welcome video located under the H*O*P*E*™ Ovarian Cancer Video Archive posting dated July 10, 2008, or visit the Understanding Cancer website by clicking on the banner below.